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South Granville Marching Band

The 2001 Show:

Prologue: The Curtain Rises
Movement I: Imagination
Movement II: Magic
Movement III: The Craft

"Music For A Darkened Theater"



Music Arrangment:            Kevin Byrd

Percussion Arrangment:       Mike Worley

Visual Design:                 Kelly Earp and Kevin Byrd

Color Guard Choreography:   Shannon Proctor

Selections From:  "Intrusions" Mike Lacrone,  "Inferno", Robert W. Smith, "The Isle of Calypso", Robert W. Smith, "Time To Take Back The Knights", Steven Melillo, and Original Music By, Kevin Byrd.





Music is part of theater, for when the lights go out the stage comes to life. Prologue sets the tone of the show, with its dark percussion intro, moving mirrors, and haunting melody played by the mellophones. At the close of the prologue, a loud statement of color and sound occurs.


Movement 1, "Imaginations" consists of a plolyrhythmic statement played by the woodwinds and brass, 7/8 melody played by mellophones and brass, and a clever percussive grove through out the opener.

Movement II, "Magic" once again has another haunting melody played by the mellophones. The stage is reset with the movement of stage icons, disappearing hornline, and modern dance.

Movement III, “The Craft” features percussion in a continuation of "Magic". The stage is once again reset with the stage icons being moved to the 30-yard lines and the performance ensemble of percussion, guard and hornline has become smaller. The hornline members have now become the spirits of the stage with the addition of a white theater mask to the costume.


The show concludes with another polyrhythmic thematic material. The drill becomes more intense, faster tempos, and dramatic splash of color and sounds fills the stage! All is brought to a close with the spirits of the stage returning to the stage icons from which they came.

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